About Us

We could say we offer blocks of locum work, but it would be a lie. We could say we offer advance bookings with plenty of notice, but again, it would be a lie. We could say ALL our locum fees are paid at emergency rates. "All our locum bookings are at emergency rates".

Emergency Locum is an innovative locum agency specialising in providing emergency cover. Whether it's a no show pharmacist, sickness or any other extenuating circumstances, Emergency Locum will endeavour to provide emergency cover YOU. Our decades of experience as pharmacists and of the pharmacy industry in general, has allowed us to design and deliver an innovative service. A service with all the necessary provisions, support and systems required for locum pharmacists.

We understand the importance of quality and informed bookings. We are aware of the importance of finding a booking on your 'on call' days. We know all about emergency rates. We appreciate travelling distances locums may specify. We respect some locums may be happy in 800 item branches others may want some time to find their feet. It is precisely this understanding and experience of the locum pharmacy world that makes Emergency Locum so unique, after all Emergency Locum is for pharmacists by pharmacists.
We will not book in advance and we will not book you in for work with weeks of notice. What we will do is guarantee all our bookings will be at emergency rates. That means no more waiting around on your 'emergency day of the week' hoping for a booking. ALL bookings will be 'Informed' so you know just what to expect. Whatever your level of experience / years of qualification, Emergency Locum will be on handed to provide any support necessary.



How it works

  1. Sign up: Can be done using our quick and confidential sign up form online or call 07429146744
  2. Login: Login to your account daily,weekly or monthly. You can specify the dates you are free or require work for. You can update your days of availability any time you wish by logging back in and amending your personal calendar.
  3. Bookings: Bookings will be posted on the website, emailed or texted out to pharmacists. If it�s a booking you are interested in simply call or email back to confirm it's yours.
  4. Invoice: Invoice the employing company as you would normally.

Simple as that!



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