Emergency Rates

We primarily do and deal with emergency bookings at emergency rates. We are after all called Emergency Locum. As the specialists of last minute bookings, For you it means all dates will be at emergency rates. No more waiting around on your �on call� days for bookings with those exclusive emergency rates.

100% is yours. Promise

We do not charge a registration or renewal fee. We do not ask you to give us a percentage of your daily earnings. We don't even pay you! What we do is: 1) Negotiate a locum rate with the employer 2) Offer this rate to our locums 3) The locum bills the employer at the agreed rate.
Emergency Locum: It makes sense.

By Pharmacists for Pharmacist

Emergency Locum is set up and ran by pharmacists for pharmacists. With over a decade of combined locum experience, it is a safe bet we know the locum industry. We will always provide a comprehensive service to assist and support our pharmacists in working practice.

Quality of Bookings

All our bookings will be offered with more than just a 'postcode'. We will provide all the necessary store specific information including: Hours of work | Address | telephone number | Details on parking | Staffing levels and business intensity | professional services offered by pharmacy

Emergency Bookings

Use your online calendar to stipulate your dates of availably for emergency work. Use the recurring availability feature to set your regular ‘emergency booking’ days. Registering with the emergency and short notice specialist’s means you can have as many on call days as you wish!

Preferred Suppliers

Emergency Locum is seeing rapid development as the preferred supplier for short notice or emergency cover to both independents and multinationals. Our impeccable reputation is seeing us cement our position as agency of choice for all.

Dedicated helpline for our pharmacist

We understand the apprehensions initially encountered when entering the locum world. Therefore, we provide a dedicated helpline for our pharmacists. Whether it�s a CD inquiry, issues with the labelling system or just some advice we will be � literally � a phone call away.

Hassle free Booking

Booking yourself in could not be easier. Information from booking co-ordinators will be cascaded via text, telephone and email. If you wish to decline the job you can do so without ANY obligation or hassle. With Emergency Locum it's your calendar and we respect and we work around you.