With our extensive bank of locum pharmacists, we are able provide cover at short notice or in an emergency. It may be 2 hours from closing or with 3 months notice (and anything in between). Whatever the reason or notice period, Emergency Locum will provide a locum pharmacist. This will be without the usual emergency booking fees associated with short notice bookings. Infact, our 25% return savings makes Emergency Locum the agency of choice for EVERY booking!

Extended hours emergency Line

Due to the very nature of emergencies, we have a dedicated out of hours contact line for clients to contact and arrange emergency cover. The dedicated out of hours booking line is manned 6am untill 10pm every day, 7 days a week. After all, emergencies is all we do.

Registration and Accreditations

All registrations and accreditations are validated on an annual basis by our dedicated consultants. Thus ensuring our clients are provided the highest level of candidate.


In the event of the locum pharmacist not fulfilling the client�s expectations or any issues arising, the client has access to a dedicated and confidential procedure to constructively communicate this information to Emergency Locum. You have the option of requesting previously used locum pharmacists or avoiding them!

Quality of Bookings

All our bookings will be offered with more than just a "postcode". We will provide all the necessary store specific information including: Hours of work | Address | telephone number | Details on parking | Staffing levels and business intensity professional services offered by pharmacy

Hassle free booking

Booking an emergency locum is fast, efficient and convenient process the first time and every time. Book via telephone, email or fax. Our online booking preforma makes the whole procedure simple, efficient and complete. Our online bespoke booking systems alongside our dedicated "manned till late" telephone line, ensures the entire booking procedure is a hassle free experience.

Informed Locums

Locum pharmacists prior to their placement will been provided with detailed information on the store, pharmacy computer system and expectations. This will ensure they are able to provide a professional locum service and at the required level.. We will not send pharmacists in �blind� - you get what you ask for.

Your Locum

We understand different pharmacies at different times may require a different skill mix of pharmacists. Maybe you need a pharmacist as a double up for MURs, perhaps it�s a very busy shop and you need a proficient and experienced pharmacist. Our easy to follow specific booking forum ensures all your requirements are clearly stipulated and where ever possible will be met.

We make sure you have a dedicated co-ordinator who deals exclusively with your area - they know everything you will need to know!