Emergency Locum is an innovative pharmacy locum agency specialising in providing pharmacists at short notice or in an emergency. Emergency locum is rapidly becoming the first point of call for locum co-ordinators, dispensary managers and locum boards for both independents and multinationals. Our unrivalled and unparalled service, support and charges explains the transition from agency of choice for emergency cover only to agency of choice for ALL bookings.

Emergency locum is so much more than just a locum agency. With over a decade of locum experience, the entire establishment has been designed by pharmacists and locum coordinators. Our working knowledge has allowed us to create the most effective and supported systems - systems which ensure experiences with emergency locum are nothing but positive and revisited again and again.

It may be a no-show pharmacist or illness, you may even be lucky enough to be going on a last minute holiday. It may be 2 hours from closing or with 3 months notice (and anything in between). Whatever the reason or notice period, Emergency Locum will provide simple, convenient and hassle free cover without the fees normally associated with emergency locum bookings.


Our 25% return savings on all bookings mean you save on each and every booking! It makes sense to use Emergency Locum for all bookings short notice or not!!

Emergency Cover without emergency booking fees. A flat rate fee regardless of whether you book on the day or with 3 months notice. After all, emergencies by their very definition are not any individuals fault! So save on every booking with Emergency Locum.

Latest Locum Pharmacy Jobs

2018-03-22 - 08:00 - 20:00 - Ipswich - Position available

2018-03-23 - 08:00 - 20:00 - Ipswich - Position available


For booking fees and further information on return savings please contact us here or call 07429 146744